Numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes, also called peripheral neuropathy, is common in pancreatic cancer patients. It can be caused by the diabetes we almost always end up with, as well as the chemo drugs we use to combat the cancer.

When I started to have the numbness, the first thing I thought of was my dad, who was diabetic, saying walking helped. Unfortunately when my symptoms are the worst, right after chemo, I often don’t feel up to taking a walk, so I came up with another way to improve circulation and ease my symptoms.

I sit on a low stool, lean forward to put pressure on my feet and make fists with my toes. Curling my foot up and then relaxing. This feels particularly good on a plush rug. I will also make fists with my hands and pulse my grip.

I don’t have any scientific studies to corroborate this one but after 3 years and over 60 chemo infusions, I have very little permanent numbness, and the tingling from treatment only lasts a few days.

So thank you Die Hard for making me think of fists with your toes.