He’s doing good! His numbers have been good and so far he’s dodged Covid. He’s starting to feel more normal and that makes him antsy. Thank you to those who have stuck through his journey with him so far. It means the world to us.


Starting the New Year with some positive news! The new top secret off label cancer drugs have cut Danny’s tumor marker in half! 


Chemo #73 is underway. His numbers are good enough to treat, hopefully the experimental drugs are making an impact. His spirits are pretty good, just trying to keep his mood up after a long three and a half years of poison and a global pandemic.


Treatment is all experimental now! He’s getting the same dose of Gemcitabine mixed with two new “off label” drugs. So far he’s tolerated the new drugs pretty well, let’s see what happens when we mix in some ☠.


Today was Chemo #71. It’s been nearly a month since his last treatment and a break is a hard thing to accept for Danny. If he’s not poisoning it, he’s not fighting it. The insurance approval for the new medication is taking longer than a sloth at the DMV so today was...


It’s been a whole month since his last chemotherapy. But he’s had radiation during his “break”. When he was cooking his pancreas, he was researching new drugs in this battle. There are some he and his oncology team are trying to get approval for, just got to work...

Pancreatic Cancer My Process for Long Term Survival

(This post is a work in progress, but I wanted to post it to get the info out there.) I have stage 4 unresectable pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma. In September 2018 when I was diagnosed, my life expectancy was 3 to 6 months with treatment. This site is about my long...


Chemo 69! A year and a half of treatments with no companions allowed. These poor cancer patients are suffering without their support systems. This is Danny’s last treatment for a few weeks but it’s not a rest! He’s jumping right into radiation again. Once that is...