It’s Chemo day again. Never something to get overly excited about…BUT this Friday marks three years since Danny was diagnosed.  Each milestone is another step beyond what they told us would happen. It’s not like we can have a party. (@$*^ COVID ) So when I asked him...


Things have changed a bit for Danny. His tumor is spreading. The growth and spread is a huge disappointment and means his chemo regimen needs to change once again. He is going back to the Folfirinox which is the slow burn chemo that means he comes home on a pump for...


It’s time for Chemo #63! He has a CT Scan scheduled for the fist week of August to get a good look at what’s going on inside. Staying strong and preparing to cut back on work hours (he says). #CultofDan


He’s back at chemo. His tumor numbers are growing again. Doctor wants another PET Scan. A change in chemo is likely. It is expected but it’s still a hard thing to hear.


Here he is at Chemo 61. His platelets are looooowwww. 64 to be exact. But they are going ahead with treatment.  His tumor marker is on the rise once again so he doesn’t want to miss a dose.