It was a nice break but, back to reality. Chemo #80! Holy crap! I remember Danny and I joking about how tough someone has to be to make it to 80 infusions way back when he was starting. I mean… we were right.


Maybe “lucky” is not the right term. Determined maybe? Anyway, it fits with the month. Danny is on chemo #78 and still kicking. His PET scan showed great news and just in time as his body needs a break. He’s really hoping to go NED (no evidence of disease). It’s not...


Chemotherapy yet again. Happily I have a day off tomorrow so I can make sure he doesn’t work. Ok, I can make sure he doesn’t OVERwork.


He’s doing good! His numbers have been good and so far he’s dodged Covid. He’s starting to feel more normal and that makes him antsy. Thank you to those who have stuck through his journey with him so far. It means the world to us.